Portable triple monitor MacBook Pro set up for maximum efficiency

Three of my insights for successful productivity are time management, work flow efficiency and quality. These are driven by the tools you use. “A painter is only as good as his brush”. Read More

Brand new MacBook Pro battery dying quickly (Quick Fix)

I just got my hands on the 2018 MacBook Pro 15-inch (Maxed out at 2.9GHz Intel i9, 32GB Ram, Radeon 560X 4GB, etc). You’d think a $4,000+ machine would have zero flaws, but within 48 hours I was having fast battery draining issues…
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2016 Best home office network switch – NETGEAR ProSAFE GS108E

  After a few exchanges, I’ve finally found the best home office network switch and I’m excited to share my findings:  The NETGEAR ProSAFE GS108E 8-Port Gigabit Web Managed Switch and here’s why. 8-Ports: Spend the extra cost and reserve it for … Read More

2016 Best MongoDB GUI

Over the years I’ve gotten to master MongoDB inside and out, and as much as I love working by command line interface, there becomes a point where it’s “nice to have” a GUI for certain speedy situations. Read More

Password encryption, how to protect your users.

“Please reset your password”… the email subject line that makes me cringe. This morning I received this email from Livestream.com, few months ago from T-Mobile… Home Depot, Anthem, Staples, Kmart, you get the idea. Read More

How to use 3 or more external monitors on MacBook Pro 2015+

Radeon chips lack passive display connections. Active cables are required. The R9 M370X can actually handle up to 6 1080p monitors. Read More

Xfinity Security System – Open to Hackers

If you’re an Xfinity Security System user (like myself) then you are at risk of “anyone” viewing your cameras. I was doing one of my “network exploration sessions” and figured I’d see how Xfinity’s security is… before I knew it … Read More

Varnish – Find DDOS IP

Someone DDOSing your varnish? Use this to find their IP and ban them! varnishtop -i TxHeader -I ‘^X-Forwarded-For:’ Varnish can handle a DDOS/GET pretty fine, but most people don’t have it configured to handle a DDOS/POST. You can also use … Read More

Optimize your Mac for software development

Here’s my list of optimizations for software development in your Mac / environment. I’ll run through the core, from hotkeys to software to the lamp on you desk. Read More

VSFTPD slow connections

I recently bumped into an issue where VSFTPD was taking some time to “connect” when a client would access FTP.  It turns out that VSFTPD is doing a lookup on the host or so. The fix: Open vsftpd.conf and add … Read More