Xfinity Security System – Open to Hackers

If you’re an Xfinity Security System user (like myself) then you are at risk of “anyone” viewing your cameras. I was doing one of my “network exploration sessions” and figured I’d see how Xfinity’s security is… before I knew it … Read More

Optimize your Mac for software development

Here’s my list of optimizations for software development in your Mac / environment. I’ll run through the core, from hotkeys to software to the lamp on you desk. Read More

VSFTPD slow connections

I recently bumped into an issue where VSFTPD was taking some time to “connect” when a client would access FTP.  It turns out that VSFTPD is doing a lookup on the host or so. The fix: Open vsftpd.conf and add … Read More

Why Apple’s GameCenter has so many cheaters

9,223,372,036,854,775,807. This is the score you’re trying to beat in any game via the Apple GameCenter leaderboards, my advice is to stop trying to tap faster or play longer, you’re going to break your fingers off! Read More

Varnish Ban IP Address

So we had a weird issue a while ago where a anonymous crawler bot was hitting one of our sites very harshly (thousands of pages).   It was eating up a ton of the bandwidth and it refused to obey … Read More

VarnishADM, VarnishTop, VarnishLog – Commands

So I decided to write this post as I couldn’t find a good clean single pager on it. The commands: VarnishADM ,VarnishTop, VarnishLog. ADM – Allows you to load a new VCL file.  Very useful when you don’t want to … Read More

OraGuide Launches to Standardize Website Help Areas

OraGuide was created to offer website owners the ability to give their visitors instant help through a popup widget and ongoing feedback loop.

By installing the OraGuide code on their site, website owners can convert their help articles into instant access Guides. When visitors click “Help”, the OraGuide widget immediately pops open ready for action. Read More

First ever deal learning engine – is the first ever deal learning engine. Yeah sure, you can go on Groupon or Yelp looking through deals, but how much time did you waste? Did you purchase any deals? Well, it’s time for deals to chase you, intelligently. Read More

Michigan Wine! –

Cherries & Grapes, a Michigan-based business, launched an online marketplace in August offering a variety of Michigan wine and specialty products. Read More

Drawabble – A new MKN Facebook social game

MKN’s latest deliverance to the web is Drawabble. Drawabble is a new Facebook game that combines Pictionary, Hangman, and Scrabble. Read More