VSFTPD slow connections

I recently bumped into an issue where VSFTPD was taking some time to “connect” when a client would access FTP. ┬áIt turns out that VSFTPD is doing a lookup on the host or so. The fix: Open vsftpd.conf and add … Read More

OraGuide Launches to Standardize Website Help Areas

OraGuide was created to offer website owners the ability to give their visitors instant help through a popup widget and ongoing feedback loop.

By installing the OraGuide code on their site, website owners can convert their help articles into instant access Guides. When visitors click “Help”, the OraGuide widget immediately pops open ready for action. Read More

On Site Regular Expression Builder

So today you’re just not in the mood to dig through source code trying to figure out the perfect set of tags to build your regexp; you just did a 12 hour straight coding session, your brain is dead. It’s time to take data mining to the next level. Read More

First ever deal learning engine – ChaseMe.com

ChaseMe.com is the first ever deal learning engine. Yeah sure, you can go on Groupon or Yelp looking through deals, but how much time did you waste? Did you purchase any deals? Well, it’s time for deals to chase you, intelligently. Read More

Michigan Wine! – CherriesAndGrapes.com

Cherries & Grapes, a Michigan-based business, launched an online marketplace in August offering a variety of Michigan wine and specialty products. Read More

Drawabble – A new MKN Facebook social game

MKN’s latest deliverance to the web is Drawabble. Drawabble is a new Facebook game that combines Pictionary, Hangman, and Scrabble. Read More

2012 DNC Rentals

The 2012 DNC in Charlotte is coming up. It’s expected to generate more than $150 million to the city. Read More

MKN develops widget solution for StockBrokers

In collaboration with the awesome team at StockBrokers.com (SB), we’ve delivered a widget solution that allows SB to share its brokerage data. Read More

Artificial Time Intelligence aka Brain Time

Ever wonder how Siri for the iPhone works? I’m not talking about how the server works or how the voice recognition works. I’m talking about it’s ability to understand your requests. Read More

MKN’s Facebook Map Feed

What do you get when you cross the following technologies: Google Maps + Facebook + Ajax + JSON. Read More