Brand new MacBook Pro battery dying quickly (Quick Fix)

I just got my hands on the 2018 MacBook Pro 15-inch (Maxed out at 2.9GHz Intel i9, 32GB Ram, Radeon 560X 4GB, etc). You’d think a $4,000+ machine would have zero flaws, but within 48 hours I was having fast battery draining issues…
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2016 Best home office network switch – NETGEAR ProSAFE GS108E

  After a few exchanges, I’ve finally found the best home office network switch and I’m excited to share my findings:  The NETGEAR ProSAFE GS108E 8-Port Gigabit Web Managed Switch and here’s why. 8-Ports: Spend the extra cost and reserve it for … Read More

2016 Best MongoDB GUI

Over the years I’ve gotten to master MongoDB inside and out, and as much as I love working by command line interface, there becomes a point where it’s “nice to have” a GUI for certain speedy situations. Read More

Password encryption, how to protect your users.

“Please reset your password”… the email subject line that makes me cringe. This morning I received this email from, few months ago from T-Mobile… Home Depot, Anthem, Staples, Kmart, you get the idea. Read More

How to use 3 or more external monitors on MacBook Pro 2015+

Radeon chips lack passive display connections. Active cables are required. The R9 M370X can actually handle up to 6 1080p monitors. Read More

PayPal IPN Simulator Could not send IPN (HTTPS)

So sadly PayPal’s IPN Simulator documentation doesn’t mention this but, you can’t use HTTPS for the simulation.  I don’t know why, but you just can’t.  It only works over HTTP:// – Port 80. Hope this helps for those who search … Read More

Installing MongoDB PHP Driver on Linux, CentOS, Amazon Linux

A quick instruction set on installing MongoDB PHP Driver on Linux, CentOS, and Amazon Linux, or pretty much any modern linux CLI server. 1. First, figure out if you’re using yum or apt for your local machine software repo. 2. … Read More

MongoDB on a 32 bit OS

Plain and simple – don’t do it.  On a 32-bit machine the MongoDB memory mapped files are capped at 2GB (Same goes to any file on a 32-bit OS). So even if you have a small database size (say 100,000 … Read More

Check all PHP files syntax (Unix)

This command line is very useful for when wanting to scan a directory of PHP file’s syntax.  I typically run this prior to public uploads – it’s saved me a few times! Goto the primary directory of the application.  Type … Read More

OraGuide Launches to Standardize Website Help Areas

OraGuide was created to offer website owners the ability to give their visitors instant help through a popup widget and ongoing feedback loop.

By installing the OraGuide code on their site, website owners can convert their help articles into instant access Guides. When visitors click “Help”, the OraGuide widget immediately pops open ready for action. Read More