Password encryption, how to protect your users.

“Please reset your password”… the email subject line that makes me cringe. This morning I received this email from, few months ago from T-Mobile… Home Depot, Anthem, Staples, Kmart, you get the idea. Read More

How to use 3 or more external monitors on MacBook Pro 2015+

Radeon chips lack passive display connections. Active cables are required. The R9 M370X can actually handle up to 6 1080p monitors. Read More

Varnish – Find DDOS IP

Someone DDOSing your varnish? Use this to find their IP and ban them! varnishtop -i TxHeader -I ‘^X-Forwarded-For:’ Varnish can handle a DDOS/GET pretty fine, but most people don’t have it configured to handle a DDOS/POST. You can also use … Read More

Why Apple’s GameCenter has so many cheaters

9,223,372,036,854,775,807. This is the score you’re trying to beat in any game via the Apple GameCenter leaderboards, my advice is to stop trying to tap faster or play longer, you’re going to break your fingers off! Read More

View request in Varnish (varnishncsa)

Well it’s quite simple, use the command “varnishncsa”. You can use i.e. grep to view specific lines. Read More

EC2 increase EBS size for linux

Increasing an EBS is very simple.  If you’re looking to decrease EBS size for linux, click here. First thing, increase the volume itself: Stop your EC2 utilizing the EBS, do NOT terminate it! Goto the Volumes section under Elastic Block Store. … Read More

Using cURL to store cookie session into variables / object

To keep the cookie session in a variable (instead of CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR), Make sure you have CURLOPT_HEADER and CURLINFO_HEADER_OUT enabled. CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION must be set to false, Otherwise your cookie won’t send correctly (That is where CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR works best). Use preg_match_all to … Read More

Decreasing Linux EBS Boot Disk Size on EC2

Here’s how you decrease linux EBS root boot disk size on EC2.
Read More

How to set up EC2 Linux Web Server (Master)

This is my procedure for setting up a master EC2 web server. This post assumes you have experience in the linux environment. Read More

Ignore all Facebook events, invites, pages, etc in 1 sec

200+ page suggestions, 100+ event invites, 120+ random request… Are you sick of it too? Here’s how to get rid of it under 5 seconds. Read More